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Well, Aaron and I both dominated our tests this week. We should become professional students... No wait, that's a terrible idea. Anyway, this week was very productive. We cleaned up the garden and threw away all the vines. We did some yoga which was fun, we cleaned the turtle tank (actually Aaron cleaned and I watched) which was less fun. Aaron and Adam had a play off game for their intramural football team, and that's all I'm gonna say 'bout that. (Aaron: Last play, they scored a touchdown. 2 seconds left. Senior year state championship all over again.) Aaron and I took the Honda to get fixed at my cousin's house. I played with the kids and Aaron learned a lot about cars. When we got home we went to California Pizza for dinner. (Aaron: Chipotle Chicken pizza. Utterly amazing. Jessica: Yucky.)  Twas a good day :)  Today we are sorting our letters, trying to get them in chronological order. After that we are putting them in a binder! Yay!
This is football-playing ninja Aaron

While I was at my cousin's house I took some pictures of his kids and remembered a website that is dedicated to tradition and game ideas for families! I'm attaching the website and some game ideas.

Trick or Treating picture scavenger hunt: this one I thought would be fun for older kids or teenagers who don’t really trick or treat anymore. Instead they could still dress up and go out with their friends or family and maybe get some candy, but try to find a list of costumes or group of people and have their picture taken with them. Ex. a pumpkin costume with a real pumpkin, 3 witches together, all the princesses….

Halloween Hide and Seek: Where homes are far apart and trick-or-treating can be an exhausting, if not impossible task. one family has hosted a Halloween party that starts with games and crafts and culminates with a much-anticipated combo hide-and-seek, treat-or-treat game. While the kids are inside making their loot bags, the parents, armed with treats to dole out, sneak into the large yard and hide. The kids count to 50 and then go in search of the parents. The kids stick together during the hunt, yelling “trick or treat!” and collecting goodies each time they find a parent.
Play with Your Family
Cute little Emily

Landon playing on his dad's tools

There was an apple tree in the front yard and while Landon
was climbing to get more apples, Emily was showing me a
shiny apple she found.
Samantha and Lexie

My ghetto work shoes

We got the garden prepared for winter!
There were some pumpkins left over from the harvest. 

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  1. I'm pretty impressed with the Ninja outfit, maybe the gloves make it a little harder to catch and hold on to the ball though???!!