Holy Guacamole!

Well, here comes finals week. Aaron and I are so excited to be done with this semester and take some time off for out second honeymoon. This week Aaron had a company dinner which was very nice, and while we were there we met a nice couple and a very strange couple. We also sold my computer and bought a tablet (which I loooove!). There was a sale on avocados at Winco so we made a ton of guacamole. I will add pictures soon. Guacamole was the only interesting thing to photograph this week. I mean who wants to see  pictures of a weird couple sitting next to a weirder couple?

On Saturday Aaron was at study groups all day (literally, all day) and I did lots of domestic things like making food for the next week and taking stains out of our clothing. We also went to the temple which was very relaxing. The next day I taught the Sunday school lesson which was on Revelation 1, and as extra reading material I read All Things Testify of Him by Lenet Hadley Read. It is awesome! A must read, especially before a visit to the temple.

Sunday was interesting; Aaron brushing my hair while listening to Christmas music and then ordering a textbook on Amazon in the morning and having it hand-delivered a few hours later... The seller is from Orem and saw that we were also from the area so he decided to just deliver it like a pizza delivery man. I was tempted to tip him, but I restrained myself. Later that night Aaron and I went to see the lights on temple square, it was so special! I've always wanted to see the lights on temple square with him. However, the reason for going to SLC was to hear Aaron's friend sing at a 40-80 year old single-adults Christmas party. The address he gave lead us into a labyrinth of rest homes that were actually kind of creepy. I still think it was some kind of sick joke.

Onward to finals! Have a great week everyone :)

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