What Happens in Vegas...

It's been over a week since our last post because of finals and our "real" honeymoon. Finals went very well for both of us, but it was a lot of work. After we finished finals we left for Vegas!! We stayed in the Cancun Resort about a mile away from the strip. Aaron had everything planned for a wonderful weekend up until he got sick on Tuesday night. It was still fun, just not for him. But overall it was a blast!
Saturday we went to the temple and the Neon Graveyard. We didn't realize that it was under construction and so we could only look at it through the fence, but next time we visit Vegas we are going straight to the graveyard! After our disappointment at the graveyard we decided to eat at Popeyes. "White people eat at KFC when they want fried chicken. But when black people want fried chicken they go to Popeyes." That is a direct quote from Aaron. He was so excited to eat there, he talked about it allllll day. Later that night we went with Mike and Becky's family (Becky=Aaron's sister) to watch a Nativity production organized by their stake.
Cancun Resort

Sexy Beast

 Sunday was spent traveling to Hoover Dam and then visiting the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory. This is the more expensive/delicious/nutritious/fancy grade of Mars chocolate. We got some samples :) I love chocolate. Aaron likes it, but he is not as devoted to it as I am. The chocolate factory has a cactus garden that was decorated with all kinds of awesome lights. They had high-tech LED icicle lights that are just so amazing I can't explain it in words, but if you are ever in Las Vegas, go to the cactus gardens, it is well worth your time.

Monday we went to the Bodies Exhibition which was phenomenal. Period. It is an exhibit of REAL human bodies that have been preserved through a process developed  thirty years ago. It took a couple hours to get through the whole exhibit. There were different rooms each with an individual theme (muscles, bones, circulatory system, digestive system, reproductive system, diseases, etc). They even had a fetus room that had preserved embryos and fetus (NOT aborted, died of natural causes). For dinner we went to Roy's, it was absolutely delicious, but like most expensive restaurants you get a very small amount and Aaron was still hungry after appetizer, dinner, and dessert. However the service was exceptional and our menus and dessert were personalized. Aaron convinced me to gamble, I took a dollar, put it into a slot machine and pushed "bet all." I won $7.50. Aaron took $5 and spread it out between 5 different machines and didn't win anything. He was jealous of my special abilities, and to help make him feel better I repaid the dollar he gave me. I walked out of the casino $6.50 richer.
NOTE: most exhibits did not allow photography, so there are very few pictures after this point.

On Tuesday we babysat Becky's boys for the morning, it was really fun! Aaron knows how much I love little kids so he volunteered to watch Nick and David to help curb my baby/child hunger. What a sweetie pie :) Aaron get pretty sick that night so on Wednesday we went to a couple exhibits but left after a couple hours because he was getting the chills and looked like he was going to pass out. The Titanic exhibit was our favorite of the Wednesday activities. They gave us each a boarding pass with the bio of an actual Titanic passenger. At the end of the exhibit there was a wall with all the names of the passengers and their fate. My favorite part was the recreation of the rooms and the stories of individuals and families, Aaron really liked the "Big Piece" (a very large piece of steel taken from the side hull of the ocean liner). Did you know that the price of a third class ticket was $40, which is the equivalent of $900 today? And a first class was $4,500 which is the price of $100,000!!! The other exhibit was the Shark Aquarium. It was okay, but we wish we had picked another activity.

Thursday was Red Rock Canyon and the Tournament of Kings! If you don't know what this is, it is at Exalibur casino/hotel. All the guests sit around an arena where you eat an authentic medieval dinner (no utensils, all hands) while watching an intense jousting and sword fighting show. Aaron was a trooper and at least acted like he was having fun (although I'm sure all the bright lights and loud noises were nurturing his migraine), I was having a great time yelling and booing and pounding the table. A place that actually allows all the fun things in life. Red Rock was really pretty, but it was cold. So Aaron and I drove around the canyon and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We would really like to go back in the summer or fall to do some hiking.

Now we are in Nampa spending Christmas with my family. Life is just great :) Aaron and I had a lot of time to talk, laugh, and catch upper respiratory infections. We are looking forward to our next adventure. If anyone of you have gone to Vegas and have suggestions for activities please let us know!

Merry Christmas!

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