5 Things

5 :: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
After a nice day of relaxation we went to a BYU event that was based around the history of the Human Rights movement and even featured a performance by the BYU Black Student Union Gospel Choir. The choir was dominated by white Mormons, a few African Americans, and an an Asian.

4 :: Video Games
This one mainly appeals to the man of the house. He got a sweet deal on video games from Best Buy and has been using his spare time to get "acquainted" with his two new games: Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Skyrim. He was smart and sold his old video games to pay for his new ones.

3 :: Exercise
This week marks our third week of regular exercise! We have officially dominated the three-weeks-makes-a-habit rule. We go the gym every Tuesday and Thursday morning and do 45 minutes of cardio while reading a textbook :) Aaron usually picks the stationary bike, but sometimes will venture over toward the treadmills to run alongside with me. Sometimes I will follow him back to the bikes and dare to have a sore bum for a day or two. Our goal is to complete a half marathon and a bike race this summer; my goal is the running and Aaron's is the bike.

2 :: Strawberries

Strawberries were on sale this week and I bought 3 lbs for $3.75! I managed to get this picture before they were devoured. I also made a strawberry cobbler which turned out fairly well. It had flax seeds, spelt and almond flour (it's gluten-free), and of course, strawberries. It was really good with a dollop of Greek yogurt and it works well as a breakfast or a snack.

I also made this:

Aaron said it looked like vomit, poop, rubbish, etc. But he eventually ate it... And he liked it. It actually tasted pretty good for a green drink.

1 :: Massage

Mmm hmm. We cashed in a Groupon for a 60 minute at Solase Spa. It was really nice to get all the knots out of our backs and it was fun to have a couples massage for the first time! But seriously, Aaron's therapist told him to go home and ice his back because she had to do some serious work on the knots. My therapist had to pop my shoulder blade back into place because it had turned around contortionist style causing all kinds of discomfort. But oh how glorious we feel now :) Next up is inhaling O2 for 20 minutes, should be a riot.

There are the five highlights of our week. We hope your weeks went just as well!

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