Nerd Quotes: Sleeping Edition

I am a slacker.

One of my wifely duties is to record every silly thing my husband says, and I haven't included a quote in weeks. I'm sure for a while Aaron thought he was off the hook, but not anymore... These are "funny" things that I have heard Aaron say in his sleep. Enjoy :)

Aaron: "We can do it."
Me: "Do what?"
Aaron: "Problem eight, we can finish it!"
(This was after a loooong homework session the day before)

Aaron: "You're so hot, you should be Mrs. New Years Eve."

Aaron: "The car will smell putrid."
Me: "Why?"
Aaron: "Oh um... [nervous laugh]... from the dead body."


  1. Hello Mrs. New Years Eve :) Heather told me about your blog. How fun!

  2. Jennie! Thanks :) I've been reading your blog about eating on a dime, such great info!