Help Me Grow Internship

I just barely finished my internship training for Help Me Grow. I am so excited I could pee myself! (almost)

What is "Help Me Grow"?

Help Me Grow is a United Way  program. In case you aren't familiar with United Way, it is a non-profit organization that is based on creating opportunities for a better life for all. They do this by focusing on education, income, and health. This is all for the common good of the community, and is made possible through help from the community (volunteers).

Help Me Grow is an information line that connects families to community resources and answers any question about child development. They provide parents with a free development questionnaire (ASQ) for any age up to five years old. They also organize an event once a month for all families in the community.

Another area that I will be helping with is the Welcome Baby program.

Welcome Baby is a free home visitation program primarily for new parents. The new parents are visited by a trained volunteer who provides information and answers questions about the baby's development. Parents can choose either one visit or monthly visits. Welcome Baby also provides community resources such as free parenting classes, playgroups (plus curriculum, if you want to start your own playgroup), and a website/blog.

My job as an intern will be:
  • Read even more information on child development :) :) 
  • Answer parents' questions about their child's development
  • Score development questionnaires and doing follow-up evaluations with parents
  • Organize family events
  • Write blog posts and doing some upkeep on the website 
  • Manage healthcare provider outreach with pediatricians throughout Utah County*
*This consists of visiting pediatricians and getting patient referrals from them. Once we have scored a developmental questionnaire for their patient, we fax/email the practitioner the results so they can keep up on their patients development :) neato!

This is such a great resource for parents, but most people don't know about it! It's free, it's ran by knowledgeable staff and volunteers, and did I mention it's free?!

Anyway, I really hope that you will check it out and ask some questions about your kiddos' development. For Utah residents the number is 2-1-1, and for those of you who are not Utah residents, check with your local United Way program and ask what resources are available to families.

P.S. You can also 'like' us on Facebook :) Help Me Grow and Welcome Baby.

I'm going to start writing more posts on parenting and child development, mainly because the more classes I take the more excited I am to share it with others. Plus, writing a blog post really cements the material in my brain for later use...

This weekend I will be writing a post on parenting styles.


  1. Hey Jessica! When I was doing my rotations for my community health nursing course, I did home visits with the nurses in the Welcome Baby program for three months and loved it! Those programs are awesome! I am so glad you get to do your internship with such great people and programs! I'm always telling my patients at the hospital to get involved with united way and welcome baby programs. I am super excited for you!


    1. That is so neat! At our training yesterday it was mentioned that there is a division of Welcome Baby that is specific to babies with extra needs. Our manager is a nurse, and she said that nurses visit the mothers and babies that might need extra medical attention. Awesome!