Goodbye April, Hello May!

Well, I don't have anything clever to say for this post. I'm mostly going to share what happened this week... Time out.
Aaron is very hungry right now, and as I am typing this post he is going through all of our cupboards and asking what each Tupperware contains.
Aaron: What do you use cardamom seeds for?
Me: Cooking.

Aaron: What is this white stuff?
Me: Coconut.

Aaron: Where did all our canned beans go?
Me: We ate them. I'm trying to write this blog post.
Aaron: Oh.

Anyway, back to the post.

Aaron's last day of Ology (teaching math) is on Tuesday; he is pretty happy about it. His sister came to Utah for Women's Week so we got to visit with throughout most of the week, it was fun to get to know her better.
As far as my internship, it has been great! The first few days were mostly training and getting comfortable with the database. Once I was trained in most of the responsibilities, I started scoring Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) and calling families to answer any questions or concerns they have about their children's development. One mother asked about teaching her toddler three different languages (wow!). I researched the best activities and methods that would create an environment for optimum learning of all three languages. I also helped her with a couple other questions about behavior.
Sometimes parents will call in distressed because they have just learned that their child has a developmental disorder and are completely lost and scared. We provide them with community resources (early intervention programs, support groups, etc) that will help them make the transition easier. Yesterday was our annual Family Event. A woman approached my supervisor and tearfully explained the positive impact that the HMG program has had in her life. When her daughter was diagnosed with autism she was scared and did not know where to go from there. She had little knowledge of what the disorder entails and how her child's life would be affected. She called HMG and received information on autism, what she could expect, and community resources to help in her new (and unexpected) journey.
It's moments like that that make it all worth it :)

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