The Week of T.C.V.P

T is for Tests:
Aaron and I took our finals this week, we both did great, but Aaron dominated (as usual). The day after finishing his last final he started studying for the G.R.E. He spent two whole days doing nothing but studying. he finally took it on Friday and did amazing. Not to boast or anything, but his Verbal Reasoning score was close to perfect :)

C is for Cooking:
I finished my last finals on Tuesday, so that left me three days to find things to do while Aaron studied. Here area a few:

Strawberry Vanilla Bean Jam

Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Zucchini Brownies
V is for Visitors:
Dave and Shannon (Aaron's parents) came to Utah for Adam's (Aaron's brother) college graduation. It was a lot of fun to have them here and get to visit with them. Shannon and I went shopping to the plethora of stores within walking distance, and we also attempted to insert an invisible zipper in my homemade skirt (I had no idea how difficult it would be with my Necchi-brand sewing machine). Aaron and his dad got to visit (I think) while doing fix-it-up jobs around the apartments. Which leads to my next point...

P is for Projects:
As I said, Aaron and his dad had some manly bonding time while they fixed a lot of things around our apartment. While they were busy in the kitchen (hehe), I finished my sewing project, planted our garden, and   made Aaron do some wood cutting for my cake stand project.

Sugar pumpkin seeds

Quotes of the Week:

Jessica to Aaron: "Yeah, it's a legit article! It was written by a plantologist."

Dave yelling to the pedestrian he almost killed: "Your red pants saved you!!!"

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