Quiero a Mi Madre

I love my mom.

I didn't actually know how to say that in Spanish; it helps to have a bilingual husband. It makes me look a lot cooler than I really am. 

I digress.

I heard a neat fact today that relates to motherhood; after a mother gives birth to her baby her body is flooded with happy hormones. Not the kind of hormones that you have after eating double chocolate brownies with caramel on top; these hormones actually alter the brain and make the mother fall in love with her child. This kind of love is the epitome of selfless, unconditional, divine love. The mother has just barely met this little person and she would lay down her life in an instant if she needed to.

I almost started crying when I heard this. I thought about my mother and the feeling she must have had when I, and all of my siblings, were born. She went through immense discomfort, inconvenience, and immense pain just so I could receive a body and experience this earth life. Not only did she do this, but she absolutely fell in love with me when I had nothing to give in return. I went through life feeling this love and benefiting from her protection, love, and sacrifices.

When I was just a little kid I learned about the love of Christ and how he suffered and sacrificed for each of us. It was because of my mother's Christ-like love that I was able to have faith in Christ's love for me.
I am so grateful for my mother and her example of Christ's love; I can comprehend that Christ sees me as a person of great worth, someone worth sacrificing for, because I first understood this from my mother. 

Thank you for teaching me about the most important part of the gospel without even preparing a lesson. Thank you for giving me the assurance that no matter what choice I made I always knew you loved me. Thank you for always sacrificing when you received nothing in return. When it came to what was good, better or best for your children, you always chose the best. Thank you for choosing your children over the world.

I may not have said it when I was younger, but I'm saying it now. 

Thank you.

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  1. Ahhh...what a sweet post :) It made me cry, what a great Mother's Day gift. And you are so right, I had a flood of love for you the day you were born and it hasn't stopped flowing ever since. You have made my life wonderful :) and I am so glad I helped you to learn those important lessons.