Sleepy in Seattle

Aaron and I have decided that we are going to live in Seattle someday; it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

We made the very long road trip to be at the wedding of one of our old, dear friends. Another one of our newly wed friends came along with us and we did most everything together the whole time. Two of the three nights we were up until at least 3 a.m. because of driving. Hence the cheesy title.

Here are a few highlights from the trip. It most definitely won't be our last trip to Seattle.

Ivar's Fish Bar was amazing. Expensive, but still amazing. I ordered the smoked salmon pasta (highly recommend) and Aaron got the fried fish platter. He loves traveling because he orders all kinds of unhealthy food--to my dismay.

We took a ferry out to Bainbridge island and spent a couple of hours walking around the little town. Such a cute place! Aaron and I fell in love with the local grocery store and breathtaking scenery. We took the last ferry ride back just so we could enjoy the city lights.

No Seattle trip would be complete without a visit to Pike's Place. We got the classic fish throwing experience plus some fresh flowers and berries along the way.

After walking around the market for a while we decided to get a crumpet (Aaron's idea). As I was giving him a bite of my crumpet I realized he was biting off my finger. He thought it was a really tough crumpet so he bit harder. I started gasping and pulling away, but he thought I was trying to help him rip off the tough piece of food, so he bit harder and pulled backward. I finally screamed and he let go. I was in so much pain that I started crying, but it was so funny that I was laughing at the same time. I'm pretty sure the people in the shop were both confused and amused at my strange laugh/cry.


  1. It's only three hours from Portland, so if you move here you could visit fairly often....just sayin'. Or if you live there we can still visit frequently, so either way it works out well for me! I've been trying to find dough enhancer, two grocery stores I've been to don't carry it. It's be by the years, right? I want to try the bread recipe but I'm having no luck so far!

    1. I am really pushing for Portland or Seattle! I love the scenery so much. Plus, we'd be close to you guys :) As far as dough enhancer, I've seen it at our local Costco and at Winco. If you have a Bosch store close by they will have it for sure. If you see gluten for bread that will work too.

  2. I was typing on the iPad and couldn't see what I was typing due to the keypad being in the way. Auto correct made me sound stupid. Just had to clarify. Dough enhancer would be by the yeast, right? Is how that was supposed to read.