What I've Learned From Pinterest

It all started last December when I learned that my mom had a Pinterest account. 
So I signed up for one, too.

And then my house got organized...

Fabric organized in hanging folders

Magnetic spice rack (found everything at Ikea)

And I prepared food a little differently than before...

Instead of boiling, cook eggs in oven at 325 degrees for 30 minutes (tastier and easier to peel). I use my toaster oven.

Fill sink with water and add 1 cup vinegar. Soak fruit for 10 minutes. Fruit will be squeaky clean and free of pesticides and dirt. I like to use a bowl or a spray bottle filled with 2 cups water and 2 tbsp vinegar.

What is Pinterest? Amazing. And it's a place where you can bookmark websites and pictures that you want to save. Remember when you would get magazines and instead of keeping the whole magazine for one good idea you would clip out that certain idea and then get a binder or file to store all your clippings?
Pain in the bum. 
Just get Pinterest! You can save all the good ideas you want to remember for later, and you can share those ideas with other people. Like I said, amazing.

I think I have about 800 pins at the moment... You'll be seeing more posts like this.

Have a great weekend!

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