My Addiction

Okay, it's time to admit it.

For those of you who read my most recent post will see where this is going...

I am addicted to sugar.

You're probably wondering how a healthnut could admit an addiction to something so taboo in the health-obsessed world. I may not use a lot of added sugar in my cooking, but sugar is still there.

How can sugar be an addiction? Easy. Researchers at the University of Portland did CAT scans of the human brain just after ingesting cocaine and then again with sugar. The scans were identical; both substances created the same effect in the area of the brain that is responsible for pleasure. Scientists at the University of Princeton also found that sugar can create cravings and relapse periods. I'm sure we are all quite familiar with these symptoms.

Bottom line, sugar can be extremely addicting. When I was in high school I went on a sugar fast and found out just how addicted I really was. It was very eye opening: I had dreams about chocolate, I was irritable, I was borderline insane. I literally felt like I was weaning myself off an illegal drug. By the end of the fast (6 weeks) I felt great and I was 118 pounds. I didn't even care if everyone was eating double chocolate brownies with caramel sauce, I honestly didn't want any. I felt so liberated!

But as time went on I had one bit of brownie. Then I decided one brownie was okay, and I eventually got accustomed to high amounts of sugar again.

I was recently reminiscing on the wonderful feeling of freedom that I had when I was sugar-free, and I decided that I want to feel that again. I also decided that although I substitute natural forms of sugar for processed sugar, I still eat a TON of sugar on a daily basis.

So, I'm announcing that I am going on another sugar fast.

My mother and mother-in-law have joined me, and I'm inviting any one else who would like to go on a liberating sugar fast.

I will be starting on Monday, July 16th and will end on my birthday, September 10th.
Every Monday I will post a short journal entry describing my feelings, frustrations, confessions, everything. It should be fun, and I might even make my support group (mother and mother-in-law) to share some of their experiences as well.
I will be using the I Quit Sugar eBook by Sarah Wilson. It's a great resource if you decide you want to take the plunge.

Happy Friday!



  1. Jessica! holy cow girl.. I'm so impressed. I'm not quite sure I could ever give up SUGAR you have soo much self control! I can't wait to hear about and be uplifted by your journey :)

    1. I can guarantee I'm going to have a rough time ;)thanks for the support!

  2. Jess I just bought the book and I'm going to do it with you! I am also addicted to sugar, although it's more apparent in me than you! haha

    1. Yay!!! That is so cool Lizzy! I'm so excited that you'll be doing it too. Please, please comment each week and share how it is going for you. I would love to hear your experiences.