Week 2

The first week is always the hardest--at least I keep telling myself that.

I can honestly say that I've been so busy this week that I haven't really had to fight intense cravings, but I have had some intense withdrawals. 

The past 2 days I've had a massive headache and I've been very irritable. I can't remember the last time I was this irritable. Aaron said that maybe I should just accept sugar back into my life. Um, no way. If my body is this addicted, something needs to be done.

Although I haven't been thinking about sugar, my body is definitely missing it.

The hardest part for me has been breakfasts. Has anyone else noticed that most breakfast foods are sugary? Pancakes, waffles, french toast, fruit, cereal, yogurt (depending on what kind), granola, etc.

Since I wasn't planning on going cold turkey this week I had a piece of fruit and some bread. Neither had a ton of sugar, but it was enough to keep my body from going into shock.

Here are some things I learned this week:
  • Breakfast does not have to consist of typical breakfast foods; One day I had toast with cream cheese, tomatoes, and basil. It was divine.
  • You can get excited about snacks that do not have sugar. Some of my favorite snacks include carrots with almond butter, nuts, homemade crackers, Caprese salad, celery and peanut butter, and popcorn with some coconut oil and vanilla extract--these flavors are 'sweet' but not in a sugary way.
  • If you are bored you have to find things to do besides eat food; on days that I was feeling bored I found stuff to do, like running, riding my bike, cleaning, and volunteering!
  • Keep healthy snacks with you at all times. I have been offered cake and candy at least 4 different times this week, and when I am tempted I just pull out a carrot or some crackers and munch on them. It helps a lot to have alternatives.
Here is what I'll be working on for week #2
  • Adding more healthy fats into my diet; coconut oil, nuts, full-fat dairy products like cheese (in moderation!), avocado, and eggs (try to find them local, the nutrient-to-fat ratio is much healthier)
  • Totally eliminate all sugars; breads and fruit.
How have you been faring? Are you getting withdrawal symptoms as well? What has been the hardest part about this week, and what keeps you going?


  1. I used to be SO addicted to sugar. After eating sugar my energy level would spike. Sadly though, that energy only lasted a short amount of time and I would quickly crash. By slowly eliminating sugars from my diet I have actually seen my energy levels balance out. No more of that drastic up and down stuff. :)

    1. I completely agree! Especially when my moods would swing just as much as my energy levels. It is a lot better to just manage your sugar intake.