Friday Favorites

I have been failing to write updates on our weekly happenings, so I will give a quick update before moving on to the favorites of the week.

Aaron has been very busy studying for the first actuarial exam (he needs to study about 300 hours before taking it). It takes as much time as a part-time job! He has also been applying for an internships next summer. Most are in the U.S., but there are a few that are in Dublin, Stockholm, Hong Kong, and Singapore. My vote is Dublin, but we'll see ;)

I have just been plugging along. I organized my class schedule for my last semester of college. I have voted out grad school (for now). It just isn't the right time for us.
I got sick on Monday and was pretty sick on Tuesday. I drank a lot of tea and used some essential oils all day and by Wednesday night I was back to normal :)

The turtles are growing up  :) one is getting much bigger and faster than the other one. Therefore we re-named them slowpoke and fastpoke.

one | At Altitude Blog
two | The Mint budget app
three | Person of Interest on CBS
four | Small Fry blog -- opened last week and is already a hit (check out the "features" page)
five | Beeper Bebe Etsy shop

Happy Weekend!

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  1. That's too funny... you just happen to be my fave as well!