Guest Blog Post at At Altitude!

I'm so excited today to tell you about Tiffany, the genius behind the At Altitude blog.

A while ago I met Tiffany as I was pinning on Pinterest and came across one of her posts. I went to the blog and started reading. I kept reading, and reading, and reading until I read almost every post on the blog!
I love her classy style and design, as well as her personable way of connecting to her readers. 
We started emailing and pretty soon we decided that we were kindred spirits and we just had to keep in contact and guest post on each others' blogs (although I have to say I'm getting the better end of the deal).

You can check out my guest post at her blog: At Altitude and while you're there check out her killer recipes and amazing journey to motherhood (I bawled my eyes out, FYI). 

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