Friday Favorites

And a little update...

Aaron had a phone interview with the Mercer Seattle office and a face-to-face interview with Towers Watson consulting firm--I'm so proud of him!

We sold our turtles to a mother and daughter who collect all kinds of creepy crawly creatures.

We attended an etiquette dinner last night and learned all about showing respect to those around us.

I went to the chiropractor this morning and I am feeling as good as new! Great chiropractor, quirky man.


  1. You have a nice blog I'm glad i came by.
    Im a new follower from the friendly friday blog hop. Nice meeting you.


  2. congrats on the good news of an interview! hope it means a job offer soon! i love chiropractor appointments, makes me feel good as new as well except if i have a creepy chiropractor then i will probably find a new one

  3. Just came across your blog! You have the coolest style. If you guys move to Seattle, you could be our friends! We live in Seattle too!

  4. love your sweet blog! congrats on the good nes about the interview!