This post is dedicated to my man, the Nerd.

Although practically everyone writes about how grateful they are for their spouse (they're usually at the top of the list), I would like to write a few things about why I'm so grateful for my spouse. I will try and keep this post short and sweet, even though there are hundreds of things I love about him :)

  1. He may not buy me flowers, chocolates, or jewelry, and I'm actually really happy about that. He cares more about the day-to-day things, and that's what made me fall in love with him. Oh wait, there was one times that he brought me flowers... When we were in high school, he took a trip to Oregon with his buddies. He was texting during the drive over telling me all about the wildflowers. I told him how much I love wildflowers and wished I could see them. When he got back he brought me a little bouquet of flowers he had picked along the way. I later found out from his friend that he had to jump a fence, cross a creek, and then hike a small hill just to pick them for me :) He is constantly putting forth an effort to show his commitment, and that is what really makes me feel special.
    He also...
  2. Carries my purse because I've filled it with 20 lbs of junk.
  3. Washes the dishes and the kitchen, even when I've made a huge mess... 
  4. Watches any movie I want to watch, without any complaint. 
  5. Is always willing to go to something I enjoy, even classical concerts and art museums.
  6. Very practical and thinks about our "family's" needs before his own.
  7. Without fail, he is always looking for people in need of help (usually at Costco or our neighborhood).
  8. Eats everything I bake for him, healthy and all :)
  9. Never gets angry...Seriously you guys, this man is my rock. I have never once seen him truly upset.
  10. Tells me that I'm beautiful and that he loves me EVERY SINGLE DAY. He especially loves to sing about it :)
the "stache"


  1. our husbands sound very similar! sometimes i find myself getting jealous of the girls whose husbands buy them flowers and cutesy stuff all the time, but then i remember that my husband is being money conscious for the sake of our family and our future, so instead he does things like cleaning up after my messy self and puts up with all of my crap.
    and that is one wicked stache! haha

    1. Then you are one lucky lady! Don't you just love a man cleaning the house? So attractive ;)