adding up

I am one of those strange people that feels peace from throwing out unnecessary junk.

My grandma was quite the opposite: she started to feel anxious at the though of throwing away those extra ketchup packets from McDonalds. Seriously. She had a whole stash in her minivan dashboard. When we were cleaning out her house we also found a whole box of my 5th grade clothes. I remember throwing them in the garbage because they had stains and holes. She must have found them and stored them in a box for later use.
This kind of hoarding makes me very, very anxious. It was difficult for me to stay very long in her side of the house (my grandparents lived with us for over 10 years) because of all the clutter. 

A few times a year I start to feel restless and I have to simplify in order to feel order and peace again. I'm not OCD, I swear ;) I just enjoy the feeling of simplifying my life. 

Since my formal education is coming to an end, I have really been thinking about my priorities and where I  want to focus my energy.

I'm not the kind of person that tries to do it all at once, in other words I'm not a juggler. It's just too stressful and I would rather do an excellent job at one or two things rather than a mediocre job at ten things.
Does anyone else feel that way? Or is it just me?

Anyway, I have been trying to cut down on hobbies and really focus in on the things that matter most. This includes the blog. This blog has become my creative outlet, and I have written about quite a few different topics during the past year or so, but I want to focus on just a few of those. 

This is where I need your help. I have really enjoyed writing about all of these topics, and I have my preferences, but I would like to get your input. What do you enjoy reading about? Please comment and let me know!

  • Cooking/recipes
  • Money saving tips
  • Family relationships
  • Healthy stuff
  • Crafts


  1. I personally love your family relationships posts. You have such a great insight! But I love the healthy stuff here and there, since I've learned a lot about simple ways to healthify my life from you.
    And I totally understand simplifying. We are currently selling nearly all of our furniture just cuz we really don't need it! haha

    1. Thank you! That's great! It feels so good to come home to a house that doesn't feel crowded and cluttered :)

  2. Cooking/recipes and healthy stuff are both my favorites!

  3. I love the cooking, healthy stuff, and family posts. DIY/crafts are always fun but everyone does them... I like the three I listed because they are more unique and your niche. I need to find a niche like that!

    Love, The Skinnys

    1. Thanks, Deidre! That's exactly what I needed to know :)I have felt the same way (obviously haha). It just doesn't feel right until you've found your niche.

  4. I love simplifying! I just started a new blog bc my other got too complicated! haha
    I like reading about health and family posts. I agree with the comment above related to DIY projects! :)