Winter Semester 2013

Since this is my last college semester I decided to finally take some classes I don't necessarily need, but will definitely enjoy :)

First, Infant Development. This class is, well, all about development from conception to 3 years old. A lot of the material is theories and future research, but there is still some interesting facts and implications for parenting and childcare.

Second, Theories in Family Perspective. This is required. Enough said.

Third, Children's Literature. I already love this class! The textbook is interesting to read--duh, it's written by children's literature authors ;) I get to read 60 award-winning picture books and 25 chapter books. I will definitely be featuring some of my favorite books on the blog, so if you have kids make sure you check them out!

Fourth, Indoor Cycling. I've always wanted to take an exercise class, but they've either been full or didn't fit into my schedule. This semester I worked my schedule around this class! I've heard really good things about the cycling class, so hopefully it will be fun!

I'm not going to discuss Aaron's classes because, well, he is taking 18 credits and that would take a really long time... Plus, besides a humanities class, they are all really hard to understand.

Other exciting news, we finally bought a DSLR camera! The past year or so I've been borrowing my mom's old camera and Aaron and I finally got enough money to buy our own. I was playing around with it last night and I was so excited I nearly wet myself!!! It's the Canon Rebel T4i, so far it's amazing!

I'm nearing the end of the fourth month and I will be writing a post about the experience (hint: morning sickness prevails). Aaron has been the most patient, sympathetic, helpful husband a woman could ask for. If it weren't for him I'd probably fall apart and starve to death. 

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