The Fifth Month

17 Weeks
The baby's movements are getting a lot stronger, and sometimes I feel it up to 5 times an hour! I'm feeling great and don't really have any pregnancy symptoms :) I'm just enjoying my agility before I become large.
The baby is about 5 in head to rump and 5 oz in weight. It's cartilage is turning to bone so I've tried to eat a lot of calcium-rich foods.

18 Weeks
I feel about the same as last week! My belly isn't showing at all and I'm still feeling quite good. However, the baby gained about an inch in length and an ounce in weight. Aaron had his hand on my belly and thought he felt it move, but it was still so light that he couldn't tell the difference between the baby's movement and my belly digestive system. Sorry honey, maybe in a few weeks.
Aaron is going to be such a loving, devoted father. He and a friend attended a community sponsored class called Consious Fathering. It is a class taught by fathers and they learn the basics of newborn care as well as the importance of fatherhood :) He enjoyed it and learned a lot!

19 Weeks
Aaron and I went to a midwife appointment this week and I asked them to check my uterus just to make sure I was where I should be for 19 weeks. They measured and said I'm right on track! They said that there are three things working together to help me hide my maternity: athleticism, first pregnancy, and tilted uterus. We also listened to the heartbeat and I guess the wee babe didn't enjoy being prodded; it kept kicking the doppler and turning around :) what a sassy little person.

20 Weeks
Baby is getting even stronger! I can actually feel the difference between rolling around and simply kicking. But, I can only feel the difference when I'm laying down or doing corpse pose during prenatal yoga. Aaron and I were laying on the couch and he had his hand on my belly. I could feel the baby moving, but I didn't say anything because I wanted to see if he could tell what it was. Lo and behold he asked, "Is that my baby child?" I laughed and said it was, and after that he seemed to be in a pretty good mood :) It was special because it was the first moment we shared as a family.
The "baby child" is about 10 inches from head to foot--before 20 weeks the baby is measured from head to rump because the legs are so tiny and curled up close to the body--and weighing in at 10 oz. I can't believe it's measurements are getting close to one foot and one pound! For some reason, one standard measurement seems like a huge milestone.

The ultrasound went really well! The tech checked the organs, spine, nose, neck, and limbs to check for any deformities or disorders. The baby is healthy and developing right on track for 20 weeks, which is a huge relief! Our due date is still the end of June/beginning of July.

As for my belly, it has finally started to poke out, and it was literally an overnight transformation. I started feeling some uncomfortable stretching pains in my belly in for a couple of days, and then one day I had to keep laying down and doing some yoga moves to try and ease some of the discomfort. The next day I felt a lot better, but I couldn't button my biggest pair of pants and I could rest my hands on top of my belly.

In case you haven't already seen this pic on Facebook, here is my belly at 20 weeks.

This is the right arm bent towards the head. It looks like it might be
stroking its face or about to suck on a finger :)

Our beautiful little baby!

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