Cloth Diapers: Wipes

In line with the idea that cloth diapers saves money (and the environment), using cloth wipes are a no-brainer.

Although it may seem that cloth wipes might be inconvenient, they are actually a lot easier to use than disposable wipes, if you are cloth diapering.

Think about it: when you are using disposable diapers and wipes, you simply add the used wipe to the used diaper and throw both of them away. The same goes for cloth diapers; you simply add the used cloth wipe to the cloth diaper and throw both in the diaper pail. When it comes time to wash your diapers the wipes are washed right along with them! Sooo easy!

Plus, cloth wipes are much more inexpensive than disposable wipes.

For example:

A box (1152) of Pampers Sensitive Wipes cost $79.95. If you use 1-2 wipes per diaper change that large box will last you through 576 diaper changes. On average, Sawyer goes through about 7 diaper changes a day. So that box will last you 3-6 months. That doesn't sound too bad, but when you compare it to cloth wipes there is no comparison, really.

I made 30 cloth wipes and cost me less than $5. If you decide to make a wipe solution of water and Dr. Bronner's soap, a 16 oz bottle will last about 32 weeks (about 8 months) and cost $11.69.
I became lazy and started using water only. It works just as well as a wipe solution and it's free :)

DIY Cloth Wipes

You'll need:
Old t-shirts, flannel, and/or thin terry cloth
Water or wipe solution
Old pop-up wipe box

  1. Cut strips of fabric into 6x6 inches. If you are using terry cloth or flannel you'll want to serge the edges. I've found that t-shirt material doesn't fray and therefore does not need to be serged, so I've made most of my wipes out of old t-shirts I bought at the thrift store. You'll want about 30-50 cloth wipes.
  2. Fold the wipes according to the video below. 
  3. Place in wipe box and soak with 1-2 cups water or wipe solution. 

That's it! They'll last you for a few years and they cost you next to nothing.

If you are interested in learning more about cloth wipes and homemade wipe solution you can visit these websites:

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  1. We also use cloth wipes with just water-but I haven't figured out a good way to use them while out (if there isn't a sink easily accessible to wet them), so I might try this with the wipe box!