The East Coast

As you probably know, Aaron was flown out to Connecticut to interview with The Hartford. We decided it would be fun to fly me and Sawyer out as well. So last Wednesday, Sawyer and I flew from Salt Lake City to Minneapolis, then from Minneapolis to Hartford. Sawyer was an angel the entire time and barely made a peep. The flight attendants and other random people commented on what an enjoyable baby he is. I was a very proud mama.

Aaron picked us up from the Airport after his interview and we drove around the Simsbury and Hartford areas.  It was absolutely gorgeous!

The next day, we visited the Samuel Clemens house (Mark Twain). Such a neat tour, and we were giggling the entire time because of the quotes and overall goofiness of Mark Twain.

On Friday, we went to a cider mill and bought some fresh cider. Nothing is better than drinking cider and enjoying the changing colors of fall. The only thing that could have made it better would have been some donuts...

That same day we drove to Boston and met up with a man that Aaron met on his mission in Detroit.
We had a great time walking around Harvard campus and then walking on the Freedom Trail.

I nursed Sawyer in some very random places. In the car, Harvard square, somewhere along the freedom trail, and lots of course on the plane (multiple times).

We had lunch at this really cool vegetarian cafe. The chickpea fritter was amazing!

Aaron loves this quote and it just so happens to be on one of the Harvard buildings.

Along the Freedom Trail there is a cemetery where Mother Goose is buried.

Also along the Freedom Trail is The Last Hurrah restaurant where the Boston cream pie was born. We took a break to enjoy a slice. Well, it was sort of a slice! Not exactly what we were expecting when we thought of Boston cream pie, but it was sure delicious!

Our last day we spent at Cape Cod where we met up with one of my friends who just so happened to be in the same area! We had brunch in Chattham and then walked along the beach. Aaron and I headed off soon after so we could make it to Newport and walk along the Cliff Walk. In case you don't know what the Cliff walk is, it is a trail along the coast of Rhode Island where quite a few mansions were built in the 19th century. The Vanderbilts built one of their million dollar mansions there, along with a few other wealthy families. Aaron and I are planning to go back someday and take a tour of the houses because they were extraordinary.
Our last night was spend in Providence where we couldn't find a place to stay until we finally settle on a Motel 6. Besides being a holiday weekend, there was also the Newport Marathon and Seaside Festival. Poor planning on our part, especially since we were frantically trying to find a place to sleep ASAP since we had to get up at 4 am. Just one of those situations that you'll find funny in later years, but it wasn't so fun at the time...

On our plane ride back to Utah, we had a very interesting guest on our flight. This poodle was at a show in Rhode Island and the owner grew out the dog's hair and then had it trimmed and dyed in the shapes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Donald and Daisy Duck.

The airline let me take Sawyer's carseat onto the flight from Providence to Detroit. It was so nice! He slept the entire plane ride and just barely woke up before we landed.

Overall, we had a wonderful time on the coast! The leaves were just barely changing and the temperature was perfect. I wouldn't mind living there someday. Speaking of that, Aaron was offered the job at Hartford Insurance the day after interviewing, and he was also offered the job in Houston, Texas.
We have to make our decision by Friday, so we have a lot to think and pray about this week! We feel so blessed that Aaron has been successful in his interviews and school, and we can't wait to see what's in store for us for the next few years.

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  1. I follow your blog from week to week, and I current live in CT. Just 20 minutes from Hartford. I have also had the pleasure of living in South Texas, growing up! You certainly visited New England AT&T he most beautiful time of the year! Having lived in both places, I must say, I would choose to live in Texas (every time) if given the choice! It's the more pleasant, warm, enjoyable spot. I feel the people in The New England area are very cold. I try to bring my southern charm to the town we live in, but it's a challenge. Good luck, whatever you do! :)