DIY Wooden Teething Ring

Continuing with the DIY baby toy series, I'm sharing instructions on how to make a teething ring.

I saw a few different versions on Etsy. You can search for "wooden teething ring" and find all kinds of different fabrics, designs, and sizes. After looking around Etsy and Pinterest, I decided this was my favorite.
The design is simple enough you may not need directions, but I'll include them anyway.

If you decided to make the wood bead toy from Monday, you will have some extra rings left, and this is the perfect toy to make with the leftovers.

As far as fabric goes you have a lot of options: flannel, cotton, silk, terry cloth, etc. If it were available to me, I would have used organic bamboo terry cloth, but I was cheap and used flannel and cotton from my scrap pile :)

The benefit of this toy is it provides different textures for your little one's hands and mouth. It is easy to switch from hand to hand, which helps with brain development--the action of switching hands helps strengthen the corpus callusum, which connects the two sides of the brain. Last but not least, it also gives your baby something to chew on when they're teething (hence the name).

Wooden Teething Ring

You will need:
2 pieces of 10.5x2.3 inch fabric
1 wooden ring
Wood polish
Sewing machine
  1. Place pieces of fabric right sides together and pin.
  2. Sew around edges with 1/4 in seam, leaving one short side open to turn inside out.
  3. Iron flat (this will make the next step much easier)
  4. Pin the short side shut and then sew around edge as close as possible. Keep sewing around edge until you've sewn around the entire piece (see picture of finish product).
  5. Polish ring with wood polish and then loop fabric around ring.

If you don't have a sewing machine, or just want to make this toy even simpler, you can tie ribbons on the ring instead of using fabric. This is from Plain Vanilla Mom.

Check back next week for instructions on how to make this Montessori baby rattle!

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