The Holiday Season

This year I really wanted to do some fun Christmas activities with Aaron and Sawyer, I was planning on making an advent calendar with a little activity every night, but alas December crept up on me too quickly and I was left scrambling just to get by.

Despite my lack of preparation we have had a fun holiday season so far :)
here are a few of the things we have done this holiday season:

This Thanksgiving we spent in Las Vegas, NV. Aaron's brother, sister, and parents all live there now. Very convenient for family get togethers, except for the fact that we will be moving across the country...

During the week in Las Vegas, we walked the strip with the little kids and took them to the Bellagio Water Show. We also walked around inside some of the casinos to look at their Thanksgiving displays.

 Later that week we went to Red Rock park to take family pictures. Aaron tried out our new baby backpack, and it was great! Both Aaron and Sawyer seemed to enjoy it. Here they are having some bonding man-time in nature.

Here is Sawyer with his 12 cousins! Aren't they the cutest little kids you've ever seen?! There are only 3 girls and one of them got a black eye. Her name is Stella and she is the youngest, with 4 older brothers.
The older grandkids love babies! They were always playing with Sawyer, Seth and Kaylee.

If you hadn't guessed, this is our family picture :) 

During December we have gone to see the lights on Temple Square.

Visited Santa Clause at the Ward Christmas Party. Sawyer wasn't scared, but he did try to attack Santa.

And Aaron and I have gone to see Sacred Gifts. It's an art exhibit of original paintings by Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann, and Franz Schwartz. To see the original paintings out of their "homes" is extremely rare and may never happen again.
Looking at pictures of Christ really got us in the true spirit of Christmas. If you are within driving distance I highly recommend going to the exhibit. You can read more about it here.

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