Baby Kyra

A few weeks ago I was able to take some newborn photos of this sweet baby and her family. She is a newborn photographers dream baby; she slept most of the time, was completely pose-able (too bad her temperament was wasted on my poor talent!), and had such a beautiful face.

Here are a few pictures from the shoot.


  1. Jess, what setting do you have your camera on here? Is the flash off? I think these are beautiful!

    1. I always use my manual setting, so then I have to adjust my aperture, shutter speed, and ISO depending on the lighting and how I want the picture to look. For these pictures my settings varied, but they were around f-stop 2.0, shutter 1/50, and my iso was 200.
      Yes, the flash was off! I try to avoid flash as much as possible. I'll usually increase my iso and lower my f-stop until I get the right brightness.