Half Birthday for Sawyer

 Today Sawyer is celebrating his one half year birthday! I.e. he is 6 months old :)

During the holidays he learned how to sit up on his own, although he still has a crash every once in a while. He loves to say "dadadada" and "mamamama" and sometimes he will say "nananana" but that is only when he is very angry, so I'm assuming he is not trying to say a very happy word.

He loves to give his mamma lots of kisses and hugs. Although his kisses are more like a slobbery suction cup on my cheek, chin, neck, and sometimes my mouth. Anyone but a mother would be repulsed :)

He has started eating solid foods, we haven't started him on rice cereal or any other purees. Why? That would take a whole post to explain, but the short story is that we want him to experience foods in their REAL forms, textures, and tastes. Currently, he really likes banana, cooked egg yolk, broccoli, and sweet potato. All the foods are cooked until they are soft enough for him to mash with his gums. He loves to eat food, but it's mostly for fun. Breastmilk is still his main source of nourishment.

We found a cute organic cotton teddy bear on Ebay for fairly cheap, and Sawyer loves to chew on it! I'm glad we found one without tons of chemicals so he can suck to his heart's desire!

The pictures are from a 6 month photoshoot that my mom took while we were visiting for the holidays. Sawyer got a very mild case of the flu and he was teething, so he wasn't his chipper self in the pictures, but at least he his smiling.

Here is a compilation of 6 month pictures of Aaron, Sawyer, and me.
Who do you think he looks like? 


  1. Sawyer definitely has your eyes!

    1. Yes, he does! It's funny because I finally read all the Harry Potter books after Sawyer was born, and when people tell me that he has my eyes I can't help but think of Harry and his mom! Haha I'm such a nerd.