Family Pictures 2014

We only have 10 days left in Utah before we make the big move across the country. We'll be all packed up by Monday and leave the following Tuesday. 

Utah's been good to us and it will be sad to leave; sad because we'll be leaving friends and family. Sad because we'll be leaving the first home we made together. And sad because I'm going to have to find a new place to buy meat, eggs, and milk ;)
It will be exciting though. Exciting to finally be done with school and start a new job and new life! Exciting because we'll be looking for and buying our very own home (in the next year or so). And exciting because we'll be near so many historical and cultural places (and so close to the ocean).

Before we left I wanted some family pictures at an orchard I walk by every so often. 

While we were taking pictures the owners drove by and told us to get out... Oops! At least we got a few before we got kicked out.