Mother-Baby Photoshoot

A week before I found out I was pregnant with Sawyer, a good friend and neighbor (and visiting teaching partner) confided in me that she was pregnant. I was very excited for her, and even more so when I found out I was pregnant a week later! We eventually found our due dates were only a day apart, but weren't expecting to have our babies the same day, since due dates aren't very accurate.

When we were both overdue we talked to each other and teased that they were waiting to be born on the Fourth so they could be little firework babies. On the night of July 3rd I called my friend and asked what she was doing to try and speed the process along. She was already in the early stages of labor when I called so that phone call didn't last long. But it gave me hope and my own labor started a few hours later. Turns out our babies were born less than an hour apart! 
This sweet and beautiful little baby girl is Lucy, isn't she adorable?

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  1. Hey Jessica, congratulations on your big move! Very exciting! Being out of the "bubble" takes some getting used to but it's great getting to be a missionary so frequently. I was wondering about your photography! Your shots are beautiful. I was wondering if you use a camera filter or if it is from editing on the computer? Thanks!