We Are Raising a Monkey

Sawyer turned 14 months this past week and since he has developed a lot since he turned one, I thought an update was due :)

The two biggest developments are gross motor and language.

Sawyer loves to climb.

At home, and at the park. He has climbed into the dishwasher, attempted to use oven handle to climb onto the counter, climbed onto our bar stool/chairs, and climbed up the shelves at Wal-Mart (he climbed up 2 shelves before I caught him).

He pushed the stroller to the front door, climbed up, and I caught him trying to escape

Sawyer, like all little boys, is obsessed with cars and trucks. The only 2 books he currently wants us to read is a book about construction trucks going to bed, and another one with pictures of various modes of transportation.

Today during church he wanted to leave Sacrament meeting, so he and I went out in the hall. He then ran away with a fierce determination. I followed him to see where he was going. He ran all the way to the other end of the church, ran right up to the nursery door (I'm not sure how he knew which one was the nursery door since all the doors look the same) and started doing a dance and chanting "Cars! CARS! CARS!!!" I'm not sure how he knew how to get to the room, and which door was the right one, but he did, and he knew exactly what was behind that door.

We've been taking him to nursery since he gets along with the other kids, and although he technically isn't old enough until he's 18 months, he's been doing great! We could even leave him if we wanted to, but we decided one of us will stay with him until he's 18 months.

He has been learning quite a few words, including poop/pee, shoes, hot, cold, cracker, binky, diaper, tomato, outside, and a few others.

Sign language has really taken off as well! He regularly signs "outside," "bath," and "water," "eat," and "potty." He has been on a potty strike, he used to pee on  his little potty a few times a day, but recently he refuses to sit on it. At least he tells me when he's going, which is still a step in the right direction.

When we read Where the Wild Things Are at the very last page it says "and it was still hot." Every time I read this phrase he carefully and quickly touches the page and says "hot?" He gets the concept of hot, but can't figure out why I keep telling him the page is hot :)

We have so much fun with him, and I keep saying the most recent stage is my favorite, but I promise, this is my favorite stage so far!

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