Easter Day

NOTE: I was debating posting this family picture because, despite our many attempts, we did not get a decent picture with all of us looking at the camera and where the sun wasn't assaulting our eyes. But I'm posting this one anyway because a mediocre picture is better than none at all :)

Sadly, this was the only good picture I could get of Sawyer. He has something against looking at the camera plus the sun was behind me. Between those two things I never had a chance. Let's just pretend this one is ultra-artsy and he's looking off into the distance :)

Between pregnancy and moving I have had little time to blog, but I have to take the time to post a few pictures from our Easter Day. This past week has been so wonderful. We've spent more time than usual with friends and making new ones. I love it! It makes me realize how important it is to stay connected with friends, family, and your community. It makes sense that strengthening bonds with friends, family, and neighbors is so good for your health.

Sawyer and I were invited to a toddler playgroup Easter party. Sawyer had a good time making friends and I think I had an even better time talking to other moms. 

Yesterday we had lunch with our neighbors/friends. They have a son that is around Sawyer's age, so those two always have a grand time together :) We ate tacos and enjoyed visiting with our friends and later listened to General Conference. It was a good day to say the least.

Today we had an Easter brunch and egg hunt with our good friends the Maddens and Logies. It was a delicious brunch and Sawyer loved the egg hunt! Unlike his first egg hunt (he cried and clung to my leg), this time he knew what was going on and ran around chanting "Double time!" Aaron told him to gather eggs "double time" and like a little parrot Sawyer chanted it the rest of the egg hunt.

I feel so blessed for my Savior and the opportunity to repent and be with my family forever. Because He lives I can live my life with the knowledge that I can be forgiven and be with my family forever. Like my friend Matisse mentioned today, Easter is so wonderful because we celebrate our Savior and what He did for us, even the earth celebrates this through rebirth and renewal. 

Sawyer, Aurelius, Rachel, Rockwell (and Chelsea running away)


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