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For those of you that aren't followers on Facebook or Instagram, you may not have heard that we are HOMEOWNERS! It was a lot more exciting until all the bad things started happening...

We had saved some money to remodel the 80's kitchen and replace the carpet with wood laminate flooring. After finding out that we need to replace the windows, boiler, and fix a water leak (and damage) in the basement we don't really have anything left for my dream kitchen :( 

As everyone tells us: "welcome to homeownership."

For the most part owning a house has been wonderful! We have made some progress in painting our main living area and hopefully soon we'll be able to lay down some flooring.

Being so heavily pregnant has definitely put us behind in home renovation. I have been having weird feelings all week (swelling, flu-like aches, nausea and consistent Braxton Hicks contractions that wake me up at night) that I don't remember starting until I was past my due date with Sawyer. So I've been trying to take it easy until I'm at least full-term, which is Wednesday (!!!).

We've been making the best of our 3-person family by doing something fun each weekend. This weekend we went to the zoo and ate at a Creole restaurant for Sawyer's birthday. Since his birthday is on the 4th of July we assumed that there would always be fireworks and a parade on that day, but we were wrong. For some reason, Connecticut does not have any celebrations on the 4th of July. Most are the weekend after the Fourth. So on Sawyer's actual birthday we barbecued, ate ice cream (he preferred ice cream to birthday cake), opened presents, and put together puzzles (his favorite activity).
Instead of spending lots of money on toys, we put it towards buying tickets for a steam train in Essex. The particular weekend we are going the train is turned into a circus train, which takes you on a ride in the mountains to the circus, which is complete with a high-top tent, acrobats, clowns, and petting zoo. He's been talking about it for weeks, and Aaron and I are actually pretty excited as well!

Aaron couldn't resist getting Sawyer some gifts to open on his birthday, so he bought these dinosaurs and planes at a "tag" sale (in the West they are known as "garage" or "yard" sales) for a couple of dollars.

He was working so hard to get his presents unwrapped!

One reason we bought the house we did is because it is about a half mile away from the train station that Aaron takes to work. It is much faster than driving, and then I get to keep the car home with me, yay! 
Some days we walk to the station to watch daddy get on the train. The first day Sawyer started crying when he saw the train pulling away. He refused to leave without his daddy. He had huge, genuine tears coming down his face, and when we finally pulled away he couldn't hold it in anymore, he sobbed all the way home. When we picked him up at the end of the day, Sawyer saw Aaron step off the train and did a cute little skip over to him yelling "Daddy! Daddy! I missed you! I love you!" Melted my heart (and everyone else's who saw).

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