I'm trying to find a good balance between taking enough photos of my children growing up, but not seeing all my family's best moments through the camera lens. So here are some photos of just one event from our Easter weekend, an Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning that was just our little family.

The egg hunt was also a treasure hunt because each egg had a clue (and a jelly bean!) that led him to the next egg. At the end was Sawyer's Easter basket hidden in our hollow tree down by the river. We love watching animals go in and out of the tree, and sometimes we go down and explore it and it's amazing holes and tunnels!

Later that day we went to a really neat Easter egg hunt at a local nature park, it was called "Whose Egg Is It?" and the children gathered eggs on a nature walk around the park. Some were plastic eggs with candy, but there were wooden replicas of local birds' eggs. At the end the children matched the eggs to the correct replica of the birds' nest. We also had a fun get together with friends on Sunday.

I just love getting together with good friends and enjoying food :) and I love celebrating our Savior and his sacrifice for all of us, and teaching my little boys about the true reason we celebrate Easter.

Sawyer is very interested in sea animals right now, so we got him this
 tide pool guide for the summer when we visit tide pools.

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