Guest Post: Beautiful DIY Autumn Decor

A couple weeks ago, I guest posted on Hello Hydrangea, and in return I asked Lindsey to post on my blog! 
Lindsey and I met in our Photography class and I am constantly amazed at her talents! To introduce herself, I have asked her to answer a few questions:

Tell us a little about your blog
- I started Hello Hydrangea about a year ago as a way to share the inspirations behind my crafts and projects. I like to showcase different artists or companies that influenced my pieces as well as tie them into the updates of my life.
Tell us a little about yourself- I am an advertising and art student at BYU who loves candy way too much for my own good. I love being outside. I grew up in a teeny town in the middle of my family's apple orchard business in Washington, so I spend every moment I can enjoying nature.
What other hobbies do you have?- Besides working on my art and photography, I am an avid mountain biker. I am also learning how to cook - slowly but surely!
What was your favorite part about your internship? (coolest place ever...)- During my internship I was immersed in Anthropologie's brand. As a customer I could tell that creative people worked in the design of the company. However, once I began working behind the scenes I realized how much effort and attention to detail goes into everything that Anthropologie does.

Hey Nerd and Healthnut readers! I am so excited to share a quick post here for the very lovely Jessica. We are both spending our autumn here in Utah, so sometimes we take the changing leaves for granted. That's not the way to be! I am always looking for ways to turn pieces from nature into home decor. Today I am sharing two easy inspiration pieces to bring a little bit of the new season into your living room!
The only materials you need are
- covered canvas or foam
- sewing pins
- sticks, leaves, acorns... things from your backyard
As you can see from the top left photo, I covered my canvas with an old gray t-shirt so that the colors of the leaves would pop. I also used a smaller piece of styrofoam which I covered with painted burlap. Once you have arranged your natural materials in patterns that you love, simply use sewing pins to create a 3d masterpiece that can change with the seasons. It's fun to play with shapes, patterns and color gradients, depending on what materials you gathered from outside!

Thanks, Lindsey! This is the perfect craft for fall, and I'm already gathering leaves to start making my own leaf collage. If you haven't already, stop by Hello Hydrangea and check out her other beautiful crafts! 


  1. Love this- I just spray painted a bunch of leaves gold and was racking my brain about what to do with them. This is perfect!! Got the idea from here: http://www.lifeonchurchill.com/2012/11/golden-leaves-diy.html

    1. Those are beautiful! What a great combination of crafts!

  2. Such a cute idea...thank you!! Jess...I don't have as much time to read blogs lately but I always try to catch up on yours and I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are to me as a mother and how much I love you!!

    1. Oh Suzy, thank you! I have to say I love reading yours as well, and it is the only blog I make Aaron read :) I wish you lived closer!! Love you too :)

  3. So fun! She seems like she has some awesome ideas! I love your blog so much. You have the coolest things on here!