Happy Leap Day!

 Today, my little brother took the biggest 'leap' of his life: Departing on a mission.

Spencer was set apart on Sunday, right after his farewell in Weiser, ID. Aaron and I were lucky enough to attend his farewell and be there when we he was set apart. Since the MTC only allows missionaries to be dropped off at the curb, my parents decided to fly Spencer to SLC last night and let me take him to the MTC.

I picked Spencer up from the SLC airport last night at around 7 pm, and then Aaron, Spencer, and I spent most of the night playing Killer Bunnies (the last game was quite intense). After a morning of accompanying me to classes he was released to the confines of the Missionary Training Center. It was strange to realize that I won't see him for two whole years! The curb drop-off was quick and painless. If we had lingered any longer I might have shed a tear or two. But luckily we barely had time to say goodbye before he was swept off with the 'host' elders to start his training as a missionary.

He will be at the MTC for two weeks before departing for Rochester. My mom and have made it a goal for him to have a letter every single day while in the MTC. If you would like to help, go to dearelder.com and write a short letter of love/encouragement/testimony of gospel to:

Elder Spencer Richardson
Rochester, NY Mission
Departure Date: March 14th

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