Undergrad and Blog Update

I love my family

Hey everyone! Lately, I have been thinking a lot about school, family, etc. and realized that I graduate in December and I only have two more semesters of classes, crazy! I was also thinking about all the things I have learned in my family classes and wishing that I could share it with everyone that I know...

For those of you who don't know, I am studying Family Life with an emphasis in Family Studies. Most people respond to this as "Oh, the M.R.S Degree." Hahaha I haven't heard that one before...

Is the Family Life major a desperate call for marraige? No. Do my required classes include sewing, cooking, pottery, etc? No. Is it easy? NO!

There are a lot of elective courses that have to do with sewing, cooking, etc. but they are electives and anyone can take them, you don't have to be an SFL major.

What can you do with a degree in Family Life?

1. Go to grad school
2. Write pointless blogs

There really aren't a lot of high-paying jobs in the world that require a BS in Family Life. It is an extremely useful degree, but sadly sometimes the most influential skills are the least valued in terms of money.

My plans? Work/volunteer with non-profit organizations that help families to create healthier relationships and better home environments.

When I graduate I can also teach parenting/marriage classes in the community. There are lots of opportunities to use my degree, just not a lot of high-paying ones.

One way that I would like to use my degree to make a difference in families by sharing useful information on this blog. The internet, books, and family members offer lots of advice and information on how to parent, but what is fact and what is fiction?

On this blog I will be sharing some facts and principles that I learn in my classes, and maybe even debunk a few parenting myths along the way. You are welcome to accept them and apply them as you want/need. There is a lot of controversy about how to properly raise children, and so I am simply going to state facts and universally applicable techniques that are taught in my classes, but for the most part it all depends on the parent and child. For example, when asked how he parented his children, my professor simply said,

"I have as many parenting methods as I have children."

Parenting takes a lot of observing and a whole lot of flexibility. What works for one parent/child, may not work for another.

FYI: Family Life Educators are the fence at the top of the hill (prevention), and therapists are the ambulance at the bottom; I can give principles and ideas to help strengthen relationships, but I do not have the knowledge, experience, or authority to repair damaged family relationships. So, if you have any problems or concerns with issues regarding your family, please consult a certified therapist.

I am so passionate about the family, it's role in society, and it's role in our development as human beings. This is my way of making the world a better place, and helping parents and children build stronger, healthier bonds.

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  1. I have two friends that majored in your field. One of them became a counselor out here in good 'ol TN where few are educated and the need is great. Another friend (a male) used his degree as a springboard into law school and is now practicing family law. It's a great major. And don't discount sewing and cooking too much :) I make a lot of money on the side doing those thing, despite my master's degree, and wish that I had taken the time to pick up a few skills from people who actually know what they're doing.

  2. Thanks Jennie! It's great to hear success stories :) What did you study for your Masters? I totally agree on fun classes, I am taking a cooking class during the summer. I heard that it's really useful and the teacher knows a lot. I'm really excited!