The Importance of Fathers: Personal Perspective

For this post, I'm going to relate some stories from my childhood and how my dad impacted my life. 

When I was young, my dad would take all of us kids out on the trampoline and play "buckin' bronco." He would fasten a belt around his chest and then we would take turns riding on his back and holding on the to the belt. We even graduated to higher levels: two hands, one hand, low bounces, high bounces, turning, etc. We couldn't wait until dad came home and played with us.

Another game that we loved to play was "cops and robbers." The farm was perfect for this game. We would divide ourselves into two groups, cops and robbers. The robbers would start at the end of our property in a silage pit (we called it the Grand Canyon) and make their way to the barn. The cops would guard the barn and tag the robbers. Once you were tagged you became a cop, and once all the robbers were tagged the game was over. If a robber made it to the barn without being tagged, they won!

My dad faithfully opened doors for me throughout my whole life. I remember going on a date at BYU-Idaho and was flabbergasted when my date didn't open my doors. It was a whole new experience for me, and it made me realize the huge impact that my dad on my view of chivalry.

During high school I was in choir and the occasional musical. Musical practices started early in the morning (7am), and my dad would get up at 6:30 to turn my car on so that it was warm and defrosted by the time I left for school.

My dad would always comment on a new outfit or my hairstyle. I appreciated his willingness to notice things that I was interested in. 

As a teenager, I rarely felt the need to seek acceptance and male attention from my peers; my dad and brothers gave me plenty of love and compliments at home, which gave me confidence and feelings of self-worth as a woman.

During college, my dad would send me short and simple texts letting me know that he loved me.

All of these experiences have had a positive impact on my life, but I feel that the most lasting effect is that I knew what to look for in a husband. The positive qualities of my father influenced what I looked for in a spouse and father for my future babies. 

I'd love to hear some memories that you have of your father, so please comment and share one.

Here are some pictures of my mother's father; he was such a fun grandpa!


  1. Our dads must be brothers! We also used to play "buckin' bronco" and steamroller on the tramp. One of these episodes accidentally led to a cracked rib for me, but i am grateful for a father who takes time to spend time with his kids and does his best to be a good father for us.

    1. What a coincidence! I love your dad; I remember spending the night at your house and playing with you, your siblings, and your dad. Thanks Staci!