This One's for You, Daddy!

While watching the movie Courageous, I started thinking about how important my dad is in my life. Then I looked over at the wonderful man sitting next to me and thought about the huge role he will play in my own children's lives.

Dads are great. I'm so grateful for the strong, healthy relationship that I have with my father and I have decided to dedicate this post to him and Aaron (who will be a father someday).

I know there are many who believe that a father is not essential, and that mothers are better off raising their children alone. There are individuals and studies that suggest a father is actually damaging to the home, and that a single-mother home is the optimum environment for child development.

I'm here to refute the idea that fathers are incompetent, abusive, and unimportant. I believe--and I have research to back me up--that fathers are important and are crucial to a child's emotional, social, and spiritual development.

I'm not saying that single mothers do not do a decent job of raising children; they make the best of what they are given and are blessed for their diligence. My father grew up without his biological father, and his mother did all that she could on her own. My father and all his siblings turned out very well, but my father has acknowledged that he missed out on the qualities of a consistent, loving, and faithful father.

Over the next week I'm going to write a few posts on the importance fathers in a religious, academic, and personal context. I hope that these posts will help you realize the impact that a father has in your life and your children's lives; and for the few men who read this blog, I hope that you will have a better understanding of the influence you have on your children.

For now, here are some funny videos.


  1. I lived On and off without my dad in the house. I will say i am so glad my dad still trys and talks to me every chance we get.

    1. I'm glad that he is still making an effort! I bet it makes you feel that you have, and always will be, an important part of his life.