The Importance of Fathers: Religious Perspective

This is my last post for "Father's Week," and I saved the best for last. 

As an assignment for a class, I memorized the entire "The Family: A Proclamation to the World." I know that there are many readers who are not LDS, but I truly believe that the principles outlined in this wonderful document are applicable to any family, regardless of religious beliefs.

God, as magnificent as He is, chooses to be called Father. Why? Because this is his most sacred and important role.
Our fathers have the great responsibility of learning from the attributes of our Heavenly Father and being an example of the love He has for us.
I am going to cut this post short and attach this video. This is a clip from the closing speech in the movie Courageous. 
My reason for writing these posts on fathers and fatherhood is to illustrate the important role that they play in our lives. I love my father and my husband. They are great examples of the Christ-like attributes that we should always strive to develop. 

Enjoy the movie and remember to express your love and appreciation to your daddy :)


  1. I've loved reading these. So sweet. I thought your dad was so cool when he was dating your mom (moustache and everything). In fact, I started writing my J's with a line on top because that's what he did and I wanted to be cool like him.

    1. That's so cute lol, I didn't realize that you were old enough to remember my parents dating :) Thanks Jennie!