Weekly Update

This is our last week of school (for winter semester). We are pumped to be done with this semester; it seems like this semester was longer than the average semester. Anyway, we are both taking light credit loads for the spring and summer and we are excited to have more time to enjoy life.  As far as jobs for the summer, I turned in my two-weeks-notice to the office and will be working more at Old Navy. Aaron will be quitting at Ology and will be finding a job on campus. 

The weather has been quite bi-polar lately: sunny and 70 degrees one day, then 3 inches of snow the next. On one of the sunnier days we took our turtles outside to play. The more social turtle enjoyed it a lot and was burrowing into the grass, the shy turtle stayed in it's shell the whole time. Such funny little creatures.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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