Baby Alena

When I first met Alena's mom I immediately volunteered to take her baby's pictures. And I'm so glad that I did--isn't she beautiful! I don't really have any props for newborn pictures, or a studio, so all of these pictures were taken in Alena's nursery. It was really fun and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to practice photography.


  1. These are so adorable! Great job.

    Also, embarrassing story. Someone named Jessica Robertson posted a pictures of a bunch of cookies on Instagram, and I read her name too quickly and wrote "Jessica! What about your sugar fast?!"

    ... She didn't respond and that's when I realized that it definitely wasn't you...

    1. Thanks!
      Oh my, that's hilarious! I'm still going strong, although it's kind of daunting to think I still have 6 weeks left...