Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day: the other July holiday that induces firework displays and parades.
Since we both had the day off, Aaron and I had the whole day planned; we were going to drive 3 hours to a canyon close to Goblin Valley and then hike in to see some cave paintings. See if you can guess what happened:

Yep, flat tire. We only made it 6 miles into the 32-mile dirt road. We put on the spare tire and drove another hour and a half to Green River, UT. After finding out that our tire was completely destroyed, we then had to drive 40 miles an hour all the way to Price, and then back to Provo. Almost 10 hours in the car...
When we stopped in Price we went to the Dinosaur museum and got in for free! It was definitely a day we will remember. I learned how to change a tire, learned that Utah has a raptor named after it, and that people get really mad when you drive 40 MPH on the highway (especially Semis).

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