Belize Part I

Aaron and I got back from our trip to Belize yesterday and we stayed the night in SLC with my aunt and uncle to see my cousin before she leaves on an 18 month LDS mission to New York!

Oh yes, and school starts tomorrow.

I would really like to put up all the pictures and share our experiences before I forget, so I am going to skip editing the pictures and just put them up in their raw form...

Aaron did a fantastic job of planning the whole trip. He took care of making reservations, making an itinerary with all the numbers and addresses of lodging, tour guides, transportation, etc. He also did a lot of research and saved us a ton of money on everything, and I have begged him to write a post with tips on saving money in Belize, and travel in general. I'm going to keep these posts short so I don't bore anyone, but if you want names of places we stayed/ate, companies we went with, etc. just ask your questions in the comments and I'll reply with the information!

The first part of our trip was spent in Caye (pronounced Key) Caulker. A beautiful paradise.

We stayed two nights in two different hostels, the second was my favorite because it was at the other end of the island and we had our own private beach/hammocks:)

We ate dinner at a restaurant that served grilled lobster and snapper that were caught a few hours before we ate them. Another night we had jerk chicken and beans from a man on the beach with his dirty little grill. Both were amazingly delicious.

While we were in Caye Caulker we went snorkeling along the barrier reef. The barrier reef along Belize is 184 miles long, second longest in the world! We rode a sail boat to the edge of the reef and swam with sharks and sting rays; while we were underwater the guide picked up one of the nurse sharks and let us pet it. It feels a lot like jelly covered with sandpaper. It was really cool to dive the 10 or so feet down into the water and swim around with the sharks and sting rays!
We also saw a "Dori" fish, sea turtles, barracudas, and a huge eel. One of my favorite activities while we were in Belize.

The water in the Cayes is amazing: not too warm, not too cold, clear as glass and quite salty. I wish we had stayed a little longer on this little island where everyone is easy-going and drive golf carts instead of cars.

Stay tuned for part II and part III!


  1. Oh no, is the beard circa 2008ish going to make a reappearance??

    1. He had quite the beard, and now he has a Mario mustache...

  2. Fun! That looks awesome! Maybe we'll go to Belize for our 10 year anniversary! I wouldn't even know where to start with the planning, though.