Week 4

Three weeks down, five more to go!

This week has probably been the hardest of all, as far as cravings. It mostly happens when Aaron is eating a dessert...
Yesterday he invited some friends over to have a waffle party, and I sat and watched as they ate Belgian waffles with ice cream and berries.

The most ironic part about this whole sugar-fast is even though I am having a hard time giving up sugar I think Aaron is having the hardest time. He keeps asking when I will be done so we can go get frozen yogurt. I told him I love this too much and I don't want to go get frozen yogurt ever again. Then he gets this look as if I've just turned him down for a first date.
He also continually asks how long I'm going without sugar. He's like a little kid who keeps asking his "Are we there yet?"

My poor husband. He just doesn't understand the victory over the natural [wo]man.

Besides having some cravings, I am loving this no sugar diet! I feel greeeat!

My body is not nearly as bloated as it was before; my face doesn't have that baby chub like it used to, and although I haven't really lost a lot of actual weight, I have lost a lot of water weight.

Some of my favorite things this week include:

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