Friday Favorites: Kitchen Appliances

While baking bread this morning, I had a moment of silence for all my wonderful kitchen appliances that serve me so well:
The Grain Master that ground the wheat
My Bosch mixer that mixed and kneaded the dough so I could sit down and be lazy.
And then my Blendtec that ground some flaxseed for a little added "oomph."

These are my favorite appliances because I use them on a daily basis. Some are a little spendy... But holy moly, they are worth it! My mom has the same blender, wheat grinder, and mixer as I do. She has had the Bosch mixer and Grain Master for over 10 years and they are still kickin!
Thanks to both of our wonderful families we received most of these appliances as wedding gifts :) 

1 Bosch Mixer | 2 Blendtec Blender | 3 Grain Master Whisper Mill | 4 Cuisinart Food Processor | 5 Toaster Oven


  1. I got the bosch mixer for my birthday last year and LOVE it! Somehow it makes the best dough for cookies. It mixes just right!

    1. It does make the best cookie dough! And it will last forever, that's the best part :)