The Big Twenty-Two

This year my birthday was on Monday, which leaves very little chance for celebration--especially since I am on campus from 8am until 7pm. Blah. 
Instead of celebrating it on Monday, we decided to celebrate it on the weekend. Which wasn't actually that exciting anyway, but I have to say it was a birthday I will remember :)
For my birthday weekend I decided to take advantage of the fall season and freeze some peaches and applesauce. Kind of strange, but cooking is my therapy. I get to use my hands to create something and it helps me de-stress and forget about everything, even if it's just for an hour or two.

After buying over 20 lbs of apples and having no tools to can any of them, I had to get a little creative... First I let them soak in a vinegar-water mixture, and then I started peeling (not peeing, which is what I almost wrote). I tossed them in the crock pot and let it do it's thing.

I made a ton of applesauce and apple butter, and along the way I dehydrated a few. Apple chips = amazing snack.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself creating recipes and relaxing all day. Aaron went on a hike with the youth in our ward and when he got home (over 12 hours later) he was sore, burnt, and tired. I was tired, sticky, and content, so we watched a movie and called it a night.

With applesauce coming out of the wazoo, I decided it would be appropriate to make an applesauce cake.
I topped it with vanilla bean cream cheese icing and drizzled it with a bit of apple butter.

Holy Moses, twas delicious.


  1. can we be roommates again? I'll cook for you and you'll cook for me. 'Twill be awesomespice.

    1. yes. yes we can :) Aaron probably needs a break anyway. He has been my dutiful roommate for 4 semesters now. Are you still in American Fork? We need to get together. Seriously, I mean it.