Sugar-Fast Week 8

I'm done!!!
Although I have to say I'm kind of sad... I'm also kind of a lunatic (I'm sure that's what you're thinking).

After going on our trip to Belize I have kind of been a slacker on updating my progress. So here is a quick summary:

  • In Belize I had some fruit, but that's about the extent of my naughtiness.
  • I started incorporating fruit into my diet about a week ago, this was part of the "I Quit Sugar" guidelines.
  • I've lost another 5 lbs so that makes me a little shy of 125 lbs (and I haven't exercised or starved myself. Craziness!).

I made an applesauce birthday cake yesterday and it had about 1/3 cup sugar in the whole thing, including icing. I got a sugar high from eating just one slice.

My future plans: eat fruit, and make a treat 2-3 times a month.
I honestly don't really crave it anymore. If I eat dessert it will be out of social pressure, and I may make some treats for a special occasion, but overall I am not addicted to sugar and I feel rather free and easy.

Some thoughts to consider: the hardest part about giving up sugar was the social pressure you feel when you say "no thanks" to a double chocolate brownie covered with caramel and resulting in over 50 grams of sugar. The other hard part was that EVERYTHING has sugar. Seriously. Our culture has quite the sweet tooth, and it is hard to find savory items that are void of added sweetness. However, once you get in the habit of saying no to sugar, it is not that bad at all.

As I mentioned before, I loved this experience and I feel so much healthier! I am going to continue eating a *very* low-sugar diet and maybe take a strict 8-week break every few years just to push the "reset" button.

Alright readers, I haven't heard from any of you lately, so please respond!

How was your experience? Even if you weren't able to do it the whole 8 weeks, how do you feel? What was the hardest part? 


  1. You inspired me to go on my own version of a sugar fast. I definitely didn't do as well as you. I really just started small and tried focusing on not adding any extra sugars to recipes or dishes (cookies, granola, etc.). Even with that small effort I feel so much better! Maybe when we move back to the States I will try eliminating even more sugar from my diet.

    1. That's great! Extra added sugar is the best place to start! And in my opinion, it is the most important change to make. Thanks for sharing!