Book Review: Green Smoothie Revolution

Aaron and I are complete nerds; one of the first things we got when we were married were library cards :) We also love walking over to the nearest Barnes and Noble and spending an hour or two just browsing through all the new releases. We do this at least once a week...

We usually go to bed at least 30 minutes early so we can sit and read our latest books. He is more of a fiction guy, and I enjoy more non-fiction books. Don't get me wrong, we both read a wide variety of genres, but it seems that the nerd gravitates toward the fantasy/sci-fi books and I gravitate toward the health books. One such book is Green Smoothie Revolution.

I found this book at the local library, and I read it in one day. It is extremely interesting, and encouraged me to start making green smoothies. I have been making them everyday for the past couple of weeks, and I love them! They keep me full until lunch (my breakfast consists of 2 glasses) and I feel great! The book is mostly recipes, with a few short chapters preceding the recipes to give you an idea of how nutritious green, leafy vegetables really are.

I definitely encourage you to go to your local library (or bookstore) and check out a green smoothie book!


  1. Jess, I am so glad I'm not the only nerd in the family. I started jumping for joy when I found out a Barnes and Noble AND a library are both 2 blocks away from me! I'm going to look for this book while I am at the library tonight.

    1. That's awesome! Don't you just love sitting in a room full of books?? I forget all my troubles and get lost in a different world. I'm sure you know what I mean ;)