Funny Stuff

Here are a few things that have made me laugh this week:

Last Friday I went to take an intense test in the testing center on campus. As I'm in the middle of my test, a guy sat down behind me, bumping and jarring my seat as much as possible (at least it seemed that way). Throughout the test he kept coughing and bumping my seat/head/arm. It didn't seem that he was trying to bother me, but it was enough for me to contemplate turning around and quietly asking "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!"
I could hear him packing up and I was excited to be able to finish my test in peace. He dropped his backpack and it bumped my arm as it fell down. He bent down to pick up and bumped my arm AGAIN. I was getting pretty ticked at this point. After he picked up his backpack I heard him chuckle (a chuckle showing great pleasure and satisfaction). It was then that I knew he was a lunatic. I waited until he was at the door until I took a peek of his face, and he looked really familiar, and rather attractive. Oh wait, that's my husband.

I decided to buy a pack of chewing gum, since it is my little addiction. Anyway, I have a stuffy nose right now so as I'm chewing my gum I realized that in order to breathe I had to suck in a breath in between chewing. It went something like this: breathe, chew, chew, breathe chew, chew. All of this happened with my mouth wide open to the public. After carefully listening to the sounds I made while chewing and breathing, I quickly threw away all the gum in my possession.
Do not chew gum while you have a stuffy nose. The End.


  1. bahahahah i LOVE this. that is so hilarious. the whole time i was thinking "ew awk! so annoying!" but oh man. that is so funny. hopefully you did good on your test tho! otherwise you'll know who to blame... haha

  2. The testing center story is so funny! haha

  3. After my test we sat and laughed about it for a long time :)