Children's Book Reviews: Alphabet

As I mentioned earlier, I'm taking a Children's Literature class just for fun! I love going to class because we dissect popular books to get a better understanding of why children (and adults) enjoy them so much. We have also learned a lot about general concepts that make a great children's book, and I'd like to share a few with you:

  1. A book needs to have a Major Dramatic Question--the question should be answered by the end either with "yes" or "no"
  2. Shouldn't be too didactic--too much lecturing or preaching gets boring
  3.  Dialog--the more realistic the better (i.e. "Yes, mother dear, I would love to sweep the floor" vs. "Ah ma, do I have to? I guess I'll do it...")
  4. Character--does the characters progress and change? Children have a difficult time connecting to flat characters.
We have to read a certain amount of picture books in each category: alphabet, counting, concept, wordless, and traditional. 
Today, I'm going to share with you my favorite alphabet books that I have read so far. These are books that I will most probably buy to add to our family's collection. I read a lot that were ok, but these were books that I wouldn't mind reading again and again.
I might add more as the semester goes along, but for now here is a good list :) Also, please feel free to comment and suggest additional alphabet books!

Fun illustrations along with words all containing  the word "ant"
Beautiful paintings of a city with hidden letters in each scene.

This one is more enjoyable for older children.
There is a twist that may be harder for younger children to discover.

An interesting book that lists endangered animals A-Z,
along with information for each species.

I really love the B&W photographs in this book!

Stay tuned for my top favorite counting books!

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