The Fourth Month

14 Weeks
I was kind of secretly hoping that my morning sickness would subside by now, but alas it is worse than ever. A lot of ladies have told me that it lasts until 20 weeks... So I may have a long way to go. On the bright side, I can finally feel my uterus popping up above my hip bones! It's a hard little ball that seems to change size depending on the time of day. Sometimes I just sit and poke it :)

15 Weeks
Baby is about 4 inches from head to rump and weighs 2.5 ounces! Seems like my body is trying to catch up with all that growth because I am constantly starving. I've been buying a lot of fruits and veggies to keep on hand, along with cheddar cheese :) Interestingly, I haven't craved sweets AT ALL. I crave savory foods, though, like chips and salsa and cheese. Oh delicious cheese... Moving on.

16 Weeks
Ever since the middle of week 15 the baby has consistently been moving 4-5 times per day, wow!
The movements are really gentle and feel a lot like butterflies and popcorn popping! One night it felt like it was doing little somersaults and I started giggling :) I can tell Aaron gets a little jealous, but pregnancy isn't all about the trials, there are some rewards as well.
I'm including a picture since a few people have asked, but seriously, I still don't look pregnant. I'm hoping my belly will "pop" out soon because it's getting quite cramped in there.

A little note:
We have decided we will not find out the gender until it's born. Yes, we are mad, raving lunatics that have no sense of planning whatsoever :) Actually, we are dedicated planners, but even if we knew the gender we were still planning on buying gender-neutral gear so we can reuse the gear for future babies. We've gotten a lot of questions about that, so I thought I'd address it before I reach 20 weeks and get LOTS of questions.

17 weeks today!


  1. You look great!! Craving spicy and hearty foods? I know you aren't going to find out, but I'm going to guess Boy! :) I craved Mexican food and chips and salsa with both pregnancies. I have two boys. :) I'm glad you are doing updates. I love reading them.

  2. I love that you are waiting to find out what the gender is. It sounds like fun! :)